• Grain discharge in Rotterdam port
    Marine cargo surveyors and adjusters
    Founded in 1969. Our office is located in Rotterdam and can be reached 24/7.
    The company is completely independent.
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  • Sinking barge with fertilizer on Westerschelde
    Cargo surveys / cargo liability surveys
    We carry out cargo surveys and claim handling for the insurance and co-insurance market
    with focus on international trading and shipping of commodities.
  • Soyabean meal sorting on quay Jebel Ali
    Surveys and claim handling worldwide
    We travel worldwide for national and international principals.
    For smaller claims we nominate local surveyors.

  • Corn in vessel on roads Aqaba
    Grains and oilseeds
    On a daily basis we deal with claims on grains, grain by-products, oilseeds and seedcakes.

  • Bags cocoa beans in Amsterdam warehouse
    Soft commodities
    Our business frequently involves surveys on food and feed,
    like nuts, rice, cocoa, seeds and beans.

  • Oil and chemical terminals Rotterdam
    Oils and chemicals
    We provide cargo survey and expert advice on contaminations, shortages
    and quality and condition issues of edible oils, mineral oils, bio fuels and chemicals.

  • Dry bulk minerals
    Hard commodities
    We regularly provide expert advice on metals and dry bulk cargoes
    like coal, ore and fertilizers.

  • Reefers on container vessel
    We frequently provide cargo survey and expert advice on cooled and frozen products.


J. Hamer & H. van Hussen B.V. offers various marine cargo survey services for principals, involved in the insurance or liability insurance of cargo in the international trade and shipping. The core of our work consists of damage surveys to goods, during transport or storage and investigating nature, extent and the cause of these damages.

Our office is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Also ports like Amsterdam, Flushing, Moerdijk, IJmuiden, Terneuzen, and the Belgian ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Ghent are within easy reach.

Through our global network we can access incidents worldwide, at all times, or we travel to the spot to attend ourselves. We deal with a large variety of problems on a wide range of goods and commodities, including foods and grains, soft and hard commodities, perishables and oils & chemicals.

Our company is completely independent. A team of 6 surveyors and 3 back office employees is employed. We operate on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis.


J. Hamer & H. van Hussen B.V. biedt verschillende goederen expertise diensten voor risicodragers die betrokken zijn in de (co) assurantie van goederen en goederenaansprakelijkheid in de internationale handel en transport. De kern van onze activiteiten bestaat uit de vaststelling van aard, omvang en oorzaak van goederenschade, beschadigd tijdens vervoer of opslag.

Ons kantoor bevindt zich in Rotterdam. Wij hebben een team van 6 experts en 3 ondersteunende werknemers beschikbaar. Wij zijn 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week bereikbaar.
Via ons netwerk kunnen we wereldwijd expertisediensten aanbieden. Na overleg reizen we ook zelf regelmatig naar diverse locaties in de wereld. We zijn betrokken bij allerlei soorten problemen - groot en klein - op een grote verscheidenheid aan handelsgoederen als granen, veevoeders, noten, specerijen, bederfelijke waren en andere voedingsmiddelen, olien, chemicalien en andere goederen. 

Ons bedrijf is geheel onafhankelijk. Wij hebben een team van 6 experts en 3 ondersteunende werknemers beschikbaar.
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